Embrace your true Femme Fatale – sacred woman circle


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Embrace your true Femme Fatale – sacred woman circle

Are you ready to become the women everyone desires?

06.04.2024 ab 17 Uhr get together

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This event is for anyone seeking to become confident in what they truly want to create, who they are, and to establish and uphold their boundaries.

Gain confidence in defining your desires and boundaries.

Uncover the secrets of confident and desirable women.

Harness the inner fire and strength to attract what you desire.

You can expect to delve into the essence of feminine confidence and empowerment, discovering the secrets that go beyond mere appearance. Explore how inner strength and self-assurance can be the magnetic force that draws your desires closer to you.
Dark feminine energy is the energy of strength, self-confidence, sexuality, attractiveness, setting boundaries, independence, such a female essence knows what she wants.

Enter a transformative circle where you can liberate yourself from limitations. Fully embrace the spectrum of your feminine energies, igniting a profound shift in your reality that holds the potential for lasting change.

Forge meaningful connections with inspiring, open-hearted women to cultivate genuine friendships and support networks here in Berlin. Discover the art of captivating a room effortlessly, leaving everyone spellbound without uttering a single word.

Immerse yourself in ancient Egyptian rituals to unlock your inner feminine power and manifest desires confidently. Uncover secrets of dark feminine psychology, exploring both Dark and White Feminine energies, to certainly get whatever you desire.

Evening programm: - warm invitation and introduction - cacao ceremony & master class - blue lotus rituals - Embodyment of dark and light feminine energies - Enchanting Dinner
Location: Enjoy an evening as a true gonnes, with a lots of space in a luxirous apartment in Berlins High society. Take the chance to sourround yourself with qeens of your liking evryone is here on her own journey but like in a real sisterhood we are here to support, connect and create meaningfull connections and opportunities.  


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